About Local Mixed

Teaching Small Business Owners Online Marketing Strategies Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales

To be successful as a local business today, you must have a strong web-presence. But online marketing isn’t the same as offline marketing. When you are marketing your business and website online, you want to focus on Inbound Marketing. At Local Mixed, I teach tips and strategies that I use every day for my clients.

Whether your looking to increase traffic to your website or improve the way you market to your customers online, you will be able to find tips and strategies to help increase your internet presence and ROI of your online marketing needs here on Local Mixed.

Who Is Local Mixed?

Brad Gerlach of Local MixedHello, I’m Brad Gerlach and I am the founder of Local Mixed. After over 10 years of doing internet marketing for my own website, I began offering my services to other businesses in 2013. Two years later, I joined Pittsburgh Internet Consulting as an Inbound Marketing Consultant.

I didn’t set out with the expectation of doing this as a profession – it actually happened by accident.

After working with a partner on a site, he referred me to a friend of his that had an online business. A few months later, a local business was looking for help with their website and marketing need. Over the years, I have worked with businesses from online niche sites to corporations to local small businesses like local pizza shops.

Now that I joined Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, I am part of a team of experts that can get anything a customer needs done completed in a timely manner. Whether it is designing a new website, performing SEO or setting up an email or Adwords campaign, we work hard to give our clients the best experience and ROI.

I understand as a local small business owner that your time is valuable and you don’t have the time and resources to employ internet marketing strategies. That is why I started Local Mixed. I wanted to teach the tips and strategies that I use every day with my clients in hopes you will be able to employ them and grow. And as you grow, you always have me to advise you, or even work with you on your marketing campaigns.

Business to me is about creating relationships. When we build your website or marketing campaign, I work with you you and include you in every step of the process. Whether we are designing your website or creating your mobile marketing campaings, our Done With You approach will discover a specific need and build a targeted solution.