Resources for Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Online Tools to Help Your Business Succeed Online

When you run an inbound marketing campaign, there are a lot of moving parts. With all the options out there, choosing the right tools, products and services can be overwhelming.

I created this resource page to help business owners overcome the frustration of finding the right tools for to run a successful online marketing strategy by highlighting recommended products and tools that I use for on this site as well as my clients.

Website Hosting, Design & Development

The following resources and tools are the basis of any website that Local Mixed builds for it clients and are used for each and every website that we build.

OVH Website Hosting

ovh-logoOVH is the #3 internet hosting company in the world. Unlike most hosting providers, they don’t provide regular shared hosting solutions. Instead they provide dedicated solutions like dedicated servers and VPS.  This is the hosting provider for the VPS that Local Mixed is hosted. When you are ready to take the next step from shared hosting and manage your own server and its resources, OVH is the place for you.

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Mean Servers Website Hosting

meanserversThey are a private company out of Denver, Co, that came to existence in the Summer of 2014. Unlike many of the big hosting providers, their shared packages are not over sold. This is why they don’t offer unlimited packages. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, storage, etc. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about them jamming servers full of other people’s website to increase their profit margin.

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Divi WordPress Theme

icon-diviThe Local Mixed site that you see now is designed Elegant Theme’s Divi Theme. Divi is an extremely powerful theme and one that I have used multiple times with my clients at PIC. What makes Divi powerful is it’s page builder and native plugins. Designing a webiste is easy for the non-techie business owner  as well as the advanced wed developers.

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Marketer’s Delight WordPress Theme

marketers-delight-themeLocal Mixed was originally designed with a complete customization of the Marketer’s Delight (MD) theme. Unlike most themes, MD is actually a framework that provides you the options of using the default design “out of the box” or flexibility of customizing every bit of the theme to make it your own design. MD also has optional addons native to the theme for the online marketer.

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WordPress Publishing Platform & CMS

wordpressWordPress is the most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) and powers more websites than any other platform. It is easy to use for non-techies and developers alike, which is why it is my favorite platform to use when building websites. While WordPress was first designed as a blogging platform, it’s open source nature has allowed millions of developers to build free & premium plugins to add almost any functionality needed for a website.

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Fotolia Image Bank

fotoliaIf you simply find images on the internet, you are endangering your business to copyright lawsuits, which can cost your $1,000’s. Fotolia, from Adobe, is a world-leading image bank, providing instant access to over 44 million images, vectors, illustrations and video clips, to ensure you’ll always find the one you need. If you don’t have time or money to have a graphic designer design an original image, I have found Fotolia a great resource. Their images are perfect and their plans are affordable.

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Marketing Services, Software & Tools

There are a lot of auxiliary tools that are used to run online marketing campaigns. These tools come in the form of services either execute or help execute marketing tactic, or software that helps do your research prior to implementing your marketing strategy.

MailChmip Email Marketing

mailchimp email marketingI have tried quite a few, and used AWeber for quite sometime. But I am now a convert and recommend Mailchimp to any business owner. MailChimp simply understands internet marketing and what us internet marketers are doing. I find their platform intuitive and it integrates into almost every internet marketing tool that I use. The addition of the Automation Workflows is the reason I converted. Such power in a small monthly fee.

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wpmudevWPMU DEV might be the best website for plugins that supercharge any WordPress website. They also have themes a blog chalked full of useful information on using WordPress to it’s fullest potential. To help ensure compatibility and stability of my site, I am a big believer is having plugins that are either native to the theme or from a trusting developer that continuously maintain their plugins.When you join WPMU DEV, you have access to over 100 premium plugins and upfront themes.

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Ninja Outreach Marketing Software

ninja-outreachOutreach marketing can be a pain, but it is a must for any business. Outreach marketing is how you get popular people in your industry to talk about your business and website.Not only does outreach build a buzz around your website, content and services, it can build links to your site and increase your search rankings and traffic.

Ninja Outreach is a full-service outreach marketing program that will not only help you find influencers in your niche and industry, it will also help you efficiently email and contact your influencers, thus building a buzz around your business and links to your website.

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